What is SkillsforCoins?

You can choose your work from our hundreds of job postings. We offer great opportunities for people interested in working a unique way with us.

How does Skillsforcoins.com work for freelancers?

Since coin payments are a popular cryptocurrency payment platform used by merchants around the world, after doing the task, you will be paid on time using Euncoin instead of real money. The Euncoin you collect for every good work serves as a substantial contribution that you can use to buy goods, trade Euncoin for other currencies, or even use them to help more Content Creators.

What is Euncoin?

Euncoin is a new revolution in decentralized digital currency. The coin is based on Litecoin with certain modifications, but generally it’s the same thing. It’s still a decentralized cryptocurrency. Still, there’ll be a certain mining component to it in order to be able to keep the ledger going.

The name of the coin “Eun” is originated from Sino-Korean 恩 (eun) meaning “kindness, mercy, charity” or 銀 (eun) meaning “silver, money”, as well as other hanja characters which are pronounced in the same way. It usually occurs in combination with another character, though it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name.

At the heart of the Euncoin concept is the desire to help people achieve their dreams by allowing them to pursue their passion in this brave new world without worrying about their financial needs. Euncoins can be used for any purpose just like any other cryptocurrency. Donors and content creators alike can use the coins to purchase goods or avail of services as soon as they receive them, or trade it in cryptocurrency exchange sites such as HitBTC.

What makes Euncoin different from real money and other coins?

In the new world of cryptocurrency, the use of coins is more convenient than real money. Euncoin will allow you to own something tangible or real value to manage. You can use these coins to buy goods, trade Euncoin for other currencies, or even use them to help Content Creators you are supporting from the various social media sites.

User Profile

How can I create an account?

You can create an account by signing up providing the correct details and information needed.

How can I validate my account?

Upon signing up, we will automatically send a verification email to the email address you used to sign up for SkillsforCoins. You can check your email address right away by clicking the validation link provided.

How do I complete my profile?

Once your account is verified, you can now add your educational attainment, experiences, expertise, and preferred coin rate for your skills.

How do I edit my Profile?

Unfortunately, you can no longer edit the name you’ve presented while signing up. However, you can still edit your background information anytime by going to your Dashboard and clicking the ‘Add Profile’ button.


How do I get a job?

You can look for the job that’s right for you by browsing all the categories on our job lists section and sending your application.

How do I submit an application?

When you find the job you'd like to apply, you have to click its title so you can read the description carefully, and send a message. You can also attach any portfolio or files for your cover letter and resume perceiving the 100% chance of getting the job.

How will I know that my application is already submitted?

You can visit your Dashboard and click on the application button to check the application you have submitted.

How can I modify if my application is already accepted?

Check your dashboard for the applications you have sent. We are using three legends to identify the status of your application.

Why can’t I save a job?

For some instance, you can no longer save a job post when it is already closed or expired.

Where can I find my saved job posts?


What is my application limit?

Great news for everyone! We don’t have a limit on the number of applications sent to every job posts that you want to get.

Why can't I contact other freelancers?

In SFC we only allow messaging between the admin and the freelancer. In this way, it will prevent unnecessary discussions with unfavorable opinions about the project that will lead to arguments and bad reviews which we wish to avoid.

Why are job categories limited?

SFC is not open or accessible to all Clients or Project owners. It only has one source of tasks and projects in connection to the given categories.

Why can't I apply to the job post?

As mentioned above, we only have a limited source of task and projects in connection to the given categories. If ever you can no longer apply to the job post, which certainly means that the category is already taken or finished by other freelancers.

How will I know if I am hired?

Always check your dashboard for the status of the applications you have sent. Also, check your inbox every once in a while to read the messages sent by your potential employers for your future work.

Payments and Billing

How do I withdraw money from my account?